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is it time to SELL YOUR rv?

Did you know you have options?

When it's time to "let go of" the family RV,  what's the best approach for you personally? 

Of course, the Internet has opened up a nation-wide marketplace for buying and selling RVs online.  That's why many private Sellers often start by listing locally on Craigslist. 

Time & Energy

But, do you have the time, energy and experience to "qualify" and effectively "deal with"  each potential Buyer as calls come in to you -- at all hours of the day? 

Some online marketing companies can provide wider exposure, but most are expensive.  

They  usually PROMISE results, but don't necessarily GUARANTEE the results you need -- you need your RV to find a new home! 

Buyers can find nearly anything they like on Online Classified Websites or E-Bay;  so, what can YOU do to help Buyers find YOUR RV?  

Let's discuss an affordable, professional approach, specifically suited to your needs.

Speaking with Buyers Who Are Some Distance Away ...

So, let's say you have found a Buyer.  Congratulations!  But wait, he’s all the way out on the West Coast ... and you live in the Heartland, USA.

Or, how would you handle these all-too-common scenarios?  

  • Likes your RV, but needs financing and isn't sure how to go about that?

  • Likes your RV, but admits he needs to sell his first.

That's where Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes comes in!

We’ve had years to develop the relationships and connections it takes to find Buyers for well maintained, higher end Motorhomes -- even where travel and distance is involved.

Why List Your RV with Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes?

  • Well built Professional Listings that grab Buyer attention!

  • Well qualified buyers -- if they cannot afford your unit or they are not ready to buy -- even if it's the right unit -- they do not get to talk to you!

  • One, competent, professional Point-of-Contact to coordinate the Viewing and the financial transaction to its completion ... and beyond!

  • And most importantly, NO UPFRONT COST to you, the Seller.

Complex Paperwork Handled With  Care and Attention to Detail ...

Once a Mile High Wholesale Motorhome Buyer -- and you, the Seller -- agree to move forward with the sale of your RV, "proper" paperwork and correct documentation will be required to complete your transaction.

Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes can help the Buyer and Seller navigate through just about every $$ scenario to ensure a smooth,  safe and secure transaction.

Professional Transactions

We understand how to work with Lenders to get interested Buyers funded!  

This could be key for you to enjoy a smooth and flawless sale.

Additionally, on the Seller side, we know how to clear any Liens and expedite the transaction for you.


For all purchase transactions, we coordinate with Financial entities to ensure the transfer of funds is not "held up" for some reason and that it is safe and secure for Seller AND Buyer.  


We ensure all funds are verified AND the Buyer has confirmed the condition of the RV  BEFORE the Seller releases Title.  This is another safeguard Sellers welcome.

Once the Buyer confirms the condition of the unit matches their expectations, purchase funds are delivered directly to the Seller.

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Considering an upgrade? Something newer, perhaps a bigger engine, diesel instead of the gas powered RV you have now?

Or maybe you're looking at the next RV you'd like to get in to as we speak, but to do that you need to sell yours sooner rather than later?

Then perhaps you're interested in a no-muss, no-fuss, cash-in-hand Wholesale Offer?

If our offer is accepted, we will even come to you, pay for your RV and drive it away!

The amount of our Offer will depend on the condition of your RV.

Please complete the form below and we can discuss this opportunity as a viable option.


If you like, we can also look into the possibility of a more traditional Consignment Agreement with one of our vetted, partner Dealers located near you!  

Let's talk about the best option for you!

Please call:  (888) 256 - 7858 for more info and to speak with an Online Motorhome Professional.

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