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Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes

Our Online Motorhome Professionals understand how to harness the power of the internet to help clients buy or sell Motorhomes with confidence anywhere in the United States of America! 

Clients enjoy a unique and professional online buying or selling experience. Buyers can shop for high end quality Motorhomes, carefully selected from the private seller market anywhere in the country with confidence, while motivated sellers can reach those buyers nationally! 

Whether the right coach for you and your family is somewhere nearby or clear across the country, we help clients find what they’re looking for and at the right price!

Why choose us?

  • We only list privately owned and well maintained Motorhomes
  • National exposure
  • We take the time to know the condition and service history of each Motorhome
  • Treat buyers like respected and valued clients
  • A unique marketing approach means wholesale pricing  
  • Full in-house financing assistance available 
  • Can make cash offers for good condition trade-in Motorhomes
  • Can provide a National Extended Service Warranty program
  • Safe and secure transactions

Please visit our "Online Dealership" to browse gorgeous RVs for sale, view, picture galleries and 

convenient ways to contact us to arrange a private viewing.  

Online Motorhome Dealership:   

To learn more please see Mile High Online 

Motorhome Professionals.

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Call/Voicemail (303) 532 - 8877

Cell/Text (720) 329-1873  

Administration office located in Denver, CO


We do not support a consignment lot; our buyers do not pay “Dealership” prices!



The internet has opened up nation-wide marketplaces for buying and selling on-line. As easy as that may sound, buyers and sellers can benefit from working with an Online Motorhome Professional.


Private sellers often start by listing locally on Craigslist. 

Is there the time, energy or experience to qualify each potential buyer as calls come in at all hours of the day? 

Online marketing companies provide wider exposure, but are often expensive and don't guarantee results.

Buyers can find nearly anything they like on online classified sites or E-Bay, but is there the time and experience to find what you’re looking for and not be fooled? 

Ok, now you may have found ‘the Deal’ you’re looking for, but it’s out on the West coast and you live in the Heartland, USA?

Harder-to-find 'items' often require knowledge of the markets.

Unless a buyer understands how to access those types of marketplaces, an Online Motorhome Professional can be a great asset.

We’ve had years to develop the relationships and connections it takes to find buyers for Motorhomes where travel and distance is involved.


Once all parties agree to move forward, proper paperwork and the correct documentation will be required to complete the transaction.




Professional Transactions

We understand how to work with lenders to clear liens on the seller side and to fund transactions on the buyer side. 

For cash transactions, we work with a federally regulated online escrow service and coordinate with financial entities to ensure the transfer of funds is always safe and secure. 

We rely on the Safe Funds platform @ www.safefunds.com  to provide us with the ability to compile the purchase agreement and any additional documentation into a single package.

Buyer and seller have a single point of contact to coordinate the viewing and the financial transaction to its completion and beyond. 

We ensure all funds are verified before the seller releases title and the buyer has confirmed the condition of the Motorhome.

The buyer's purchase funds are delivered directly to the seller.

Mile High Online Motorhome Professionals understand how to harness the power of the internet to help clients buy or sell Motorhomes with confidence anywhere in America!


Please visit our online dealership for access to our inventory, information, picture galleries and convenient ways to contact us to arrange a private viewing.  

Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes

Call/Voicemail: (303) 532-8877 

Online dealership: Mile High Wholesale Motorhomes

Email:  milehighmotorhomes@gmail.com

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